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Santa Artist's & Collector's
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I Hope you will enjoy the live chat on Santa making or collecting.
The more the merrier so please try to join us as often as possible! 
I will also post any scheduled Chat Guests here, so check back for a Date and Time, but don't let that stop you from checking now to see if anyone is online!

Chat Schedule

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Our Regular weekly chats are on Sunday evenings and are held at the following times...

  • 5:00 Pacific
  • 6:00 Mountain
  • 7:00 Central
  • 8:00 Eastern
Santa Making 
Santamakers Chat

Please check back......  Past Chat Guests have included:
 Jack Johnston - one of the nation's leading instructors in sculpting one-of-a-kind artdolls
 Bruce Baker 
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stargreen2.jpg (3706 bytes)Don't forget to check to see if there is a unscheduled chat taking place now!

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Last Updated: 04/07/09

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