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SCULPTING TOOLS: Clay Carvers. Even the talented need tools. Metal sculpting blades for clay, greenware or plaster range from 7-1/2" to 10-7/8" in length. They are straight, curved, smooth, serrated, blunt, pointed, hooked or any combination thereof, with a tool at each end and a light coating of oil to protect them from rust. We'll choose (3) different styles out of at least a dozen, so you'll get (6) different tips, all much heavier than the dental picks we sometimes recommend for clay carving.

Dental Tools  Better Grade Dental Tools. A variety of shapes and ugliness, but unbroken tips. Some single ended, some double.. Super for all manner of hobbyism, save do-it-yourself-dentistry. All stainless steel. Great Price!!

Marples M260 Sculpting Tool Set These beautiful carving tools make a great set for the woodworker or sculptor. Includes 5/8" skew chisel, 3/8" straight gouge, 5/8" straight gouge, 1" fantail gouge and 5/8" bent gouge. The handles are extraordinarily comfortable and stand up to a mallet.

"Believe" Large glass cutting board (11"x15")
Large glass cutting board. This tempered glass cutting board is durably constructed and imbued with vibrant artwork. Great for rolling out clay! Nice to take to craft shows when you have to demo. (OK... or you could use it for food!)

Edo The Original Candy Dough 4pk: Kids will have a blast using their artistic ability making wild and wacky creations with this fun EDO Candy and when they are finished they can just eat their creations. This edible dough candy molds just like the kids favorite playdough with the added bonus of being 100% edible!! Available here in four 4.2oz bags.

I know EDO really isn't a "supply" but this stuff is just fun, what can I say! 

Dremel 685D 48 Pc Cutting/Carving Accessory Set  Features: Cut or slot bolts, screws, sheet metal, wood, plastic Set includes high speed cutters, sanding accessories,  cut-off wheels and mandrel See mfg review for specific list of items included

Carving 11PC. Travel Set:  Flexcut 11pc travel set. Each set includes 1 interchangeable handle and a handy roll to carry the set. The sets roll up neatly into a bundle which is 5"x2" for convenient carry and storage. Each set also includes a practice block as well a booklet containing care, use, and sharpening instructions.
The Saber IV Woodburning Unit: The most popular model of the Detail Master Electronic Woodburning Units. It is state of the art equipment and considered by many to be the finest system available. It has a metal, not plastic, case with up-front controls and recepticle for pens. The slanted face provides easy visual and hand access to controls. Fast recuperative power, a convenient jack port located on the front and a scabbard to hold your pen. 

This is the unit I use to carve faces in the wood santa staffs for my Santa dolls.

Rex Metallic Cord/Cordless Sewing Machine: Adapter included. Great for travel! Good to take to craft shows to finish up projects or to use for demos. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included) Built in light, 2 speeds, high/low  Compact, lightweight and practical.  You'll receive the Pre-threaded Mini Rex Sewing Machine along with a foot pedal, adapter, 5 bobbins with thread, threader, spindle, needles and more.

SharpTek Mini Iron: This is the smallest iron I have ever seen! This Sharptek amazing mini iron heats up in seconds and gets hot enough to remove creases. It includes a lay down tray to use when storing it. This wonderful iron is the perfect size to always carry along to craft shows.

Plaster Craft Strips: Wet the gauze strips and mold them around a base shape. When dry, simply sand smooth and paint. Strips come in a variety of widths and lengths, are non-toxic and suitable for use with all ages. Full instructions included. 20lb; Non Toxic.

American Art & Clay Sculptamold: 3 lbs White nontoxic powder material mixes with water, sets in 30 minutes without shrinking. Clings to most clean surfaces and can be applied over forms without cracking. Finished material is lightweight yet durable. Adheres to most surfaces. May be oven dried at 200 degrees. Can be cut, carved, sawed or sanded.

Euro-Pro 7500XH Craft N'Sew: You name it and the Euro Pro Craft and Sewing Machine can probably do it. From creative feet that sew zippers and stitch satin, to embroidery and quilting. This Euro Pro sewing machine features 11 creative feet, solid metal construction and 42-stitch function, and guarantees precision stitching on all fabrics from silk to leather. Other creative feet include: buttonhole, blind hemming, roll hemming, button sewing, overlock, cording and gathering foot. Features stretch stitches for strength in knit fabrics and versatile utility stitches. Imported. 11Hx7Wx14L". 25-year warranty against defects


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